Stefano Devoti


My research combines drawing and painting with the expressive possibilities related to the primitive resources: wood, stone, metals and casting techniques which I lead into my own. Along my path the poetic of tradition has echoed in the research on multimedia, writing, digital graphics and CAD: a bridge to contemporary technologies for a dialogue between sign and languages, an endless and wide open path between the codes of the matter, the intellect and the spirit, around the pin of the creative act.

I attended the Scuola Libera del nudo at Venice Fine Arts Academy, in this period i studied and practised screenprint at Fallani Studio in Venice: I have always had a high regard of training at the workshop, working directly in the places of the art teaches secrets that no other school can transfer; over the years I have attended and worked in wrought iron workshop of an old master, in stone quarry, in construction works as carpenter. Through my intervention I promote a direct relationship among material and incorporeal-ephemeral phenomenologies: I absorb and represent the imaginary offered by the processes of transformation to return the vision to the matter in a perceptible dimension.

In the last year I’ve attended the course on the identity of the contemporary artist at CircoloQuadro, renewed contemporary art center in Milan. Actually my attention is directed to the treshhold dimension, to the border areas scanned by the different phases of artistic action: i use a strong interdisciplinary approach for the measure and the comparison of the key moments of the creative process, I research congruences and composition from different angles beyond the formal and environmental differences to which I expose myself, along the path that from the vision arrives to the real physical space. A mapping work on the binary of the matter’s transformation and the parallel existential transmutation, as if the focus on universal aspects of, action, function and effect would allow to grab and translate the void between the single passages, the indefinable from the edge of the threshhold, the infinite between a breath and another.


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